Overview: Brightcove Player Plugins

In this topic, you will learn about all of the Brightcove provided plugins that are available for the Brightcove Player.

Brightcove plugins

The following is a summary of the Brightcove supplied player plugins. Plugins are used to enhance Brightcove Player.

Plugin Loaded by Default Description
360º Video Plugin   This plugin turns a properly recorded video element into a HTML5, panoramic, 360º video that can be played in Brightcove Player.
Ad Only Plugin   This plugin allows you to play only IMA3 ads in a player. No normal video content is supplied.
Advertising with FreeWheel   This plugin enables FreeWheel ad technology, for either Flash or HTML5, in Brightcove Player.
Advertising with IMA3   Integrates the Brightcove Player with Google's Interactive Media Ads (IMA) for HTML5 version 3. This allows you to request and track VAST ads for your player.
Advertising with SSAI   Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) allows you to embed ads into your videos so that they can't be blocked by ad blockers in the browser. By default, the plugin enforces that all advertisements are watched and displays an ad count-down timer while they play. You can easily customize this plugin to skip advertisements.
Custom Endscreen   Displays publisher supplied HTML at the conclusion of video playback.
Chromecast Plugin   Enables Brightcove Player to cast video from your desktop or Android Chrome browser to the Chromecast device.
DRM (formally called DASH)   Used to implement DRM in Brightcove Player.
Display Thumbnail Previews   Displays a preview image over the timeline at defined points in the video. As the user moves over the timeline, thumbnail images will be displayed for specified time ranges.
Error Messages Y Allows the player to display user friendly messages when it encounters an error. The display is an overlay that is semi-transparent and styled by the default style sheet.
Google Tag Manager   Allows integration with Google Tag Manager functionality with Brightcove Player.
HLS Y Plays HLS video on platforms that don't support HLS but do have Flash Player. The enables the video content in the m3u8 manifest to be played in the player.
Overlay Display   Displays simple messages as semi-transparent overlays on top of the player. Message display can based on player events, such as play or pause, or at a specified time during video playback.
Picture-in-Picture Plugin   Allows the user to scroll down the page and the player will be pinned to a corner of the web page.
Playlist UI Plugin   Enhances the look and feel of default playlist functionality.
Quality Selection   Provides a menu button in the player's controlbar which allows manual selection of the playback quality for HLS or Dash sources.
Social Media   Enables users to share a video to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or LinkedIn.
Tealium   Allows integration with the Tealium iQ tag manager.
Thumbnail Seeking   Enables thumbnail previews to display when hovering over the progress bar.

Third-party plugins

Third-party vendors can create their own plugins which integrate with Brightcove Player. Note that these plugins are not maintained by Brightcove.

Plugin Description
Ad Intelligence Plugin This plugin is used to generate video and ad performance reports to help identify issues, errors and opportunities.

Open source plugins

The open source Video.js player, on which the Brightcove Player is based, has many plugins built for it. These plugins are compatible with the Brightcove Player as long as the version of the Video.js player is the same version on which the Brightcove Player is based. The Brightcove Player may be version-wise either ahead of, or behind, the open source Video.js player. The link to the Video.js Plugins page is https://github.com/videojs/video.js/wiki/Plugins.

Also available are Brightcove Player specific open source plugins. As examples are plugins for Conviva and Nielsen analytics. Note that Brightcove does not provide support for, or document, these plugins. Customers should contact their account managers at Conviva/Nielsen for details and access.

Available from Moat, a company which provides publishers a simple way to measure and report on the viewability of ads played back, is a plugin that works with Brightcove Player. To gain access to Moat’s plugin for the Brightcove Player, customers should reach out to their Moat account manager.