China Delivery with Brightcove Player

In this topic, you will learn how to use Brightcove Player to deliver video to China from outside the country.


Brightcove provides a solution for delivering video to China from outside the country. The solution is comprised of two parts:

  • A proxy server hosted within China
  • A connected China-specific CDN

The proxy routes non-video traffic (Playback API requests, Analytics beacons, and the web player itself) to and from viewers in China to Brightcove infrastructure located outside.

The CDN is connected to the proxy and handles the video and image content.


The following requirements are needed to support Brightcove China Delivery:


Brightcove Player

  • Brightcove Player version 6.44 or later required; latest version recommended

Configuring Brightcove Player

To deliver video within China, you must configure the player to use the Brightcove China Delivery proxy.

To create a China-compatible player, follow these steps:

  1. In Video Cloud Studio, open the PLAYERS module. Use an existing player or create a new one.

  2. Select the player's name link to open the player's properties.
  3. In the left navigation, select JSON Editor.

    JSON Editor
    JSON Editor
  4. To set the proxy, add the following:

    "china_proxy_domain": ""
  5. Your code should look similar to this:

    China proxy setting
    China proxy setting
  6. Click Save, and publish the player.
  7. When you embed or share your player, notice that the embed code uses the Brightcove Player CDN.
  8. Change the Brightcove Player CDN to use your China Delivery domain.


With china_proxy_domain set, all requests initiated by the player will be sent to URLs within that domain. Using the sample value above ( users may see requests to:

System Path
Players CDN //
Playback API //
Analytics //


With china_proxy_domain set, Brightcove Player will automatically be configured with two languages:

  • zh-Hans: Simplified Chinese (default)
  • zh-Hant: Traditional Chinese

Setting a china_proxy_domain has the same effect as setting the following configurations (though these are not needed):

"language": "zh-Hans",
"languages": ["zh-Hans", "zh-Hant"],

This default effect of the china_proxy_domain will not occur if any value is provided for the language or languages configuration! To override default behavior, you can mix and match these configurations.

Adding more languages

If more languages than zh-Hans and zh-Hant are needed, you can add a languages configuration to the player. This configuration might look something like:

"china_proxy_domain": "",
"languages": ["zh-Hans", "zh-Hant", "en", "jp"],

The player in this example would still default to zh-Hans, but would also add the English and Japanese languages.

Changing the default language

To configure a different default language than zh-Hans, add a language configuration. The configuration should look similar to this:

"china_proxy_domain": "",
"language": "zh-Hant",


For details about the limitations for this feature, see the Overview: China Delivery document.