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    Server-Side Ads Plugin Changelog

    The following tracks changes to the plugin:


    17 Aug 2020


    • Midrolls skippable in Safari

    10 Aug 2020


    • Upgraded to contrib-ads 6.7.0

    27 Jul 2020


    • Avoid intercepting setCurrentTime if SSAI timeline is not available

    27 Jul 2020


    13 Jul 2020


    • Feature: Make middleware a no-op if the plugin is unregistered
    • Bug Fix: Show ad overlays for VOD streams

    24 Apr 2020


    • Added support for thumbnail scrubbing
    • Fixed edge cases with skipping over previously-viewed ads

    27 Mar 2020


    • Fixed an issue with VOD SSAI and DRM streams not properly passing key systems configuration
    • Fixed some edge cases with skipping over previously-viewed ads

    10 Feb 2020


    • Added Arabic translations

    1 Nov 2019


    • Fixed a regression in playback of VOD SSAI streams with an empty playlist

    30 Oct 2019


    • Added support for Brightcove Live SSAI streams
    • Fixed an issue where SSAI sources in playlists were not being properly marked as selected
    • Updated contrib-ads to 6.6.5

    27 Aug 2019


    • Added translations for Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean

    11 Jul 2019


    • Added support for ads.pod
    • Bug fix: Append rule=discos-disabled for HLS sources when discontinuities are disabled
    • Bug fix: Fix API issues with seekIn* methods
    • Bug fix: Restore missing ad markers

    20 May 2019


    • Fixed an issue where ads could not be paused in IE11/Win7

    16 Apr 2019


    • Added support for Playback Authorization Service with HLSe
    • Bug fix: Prevent iOS fullscreen from seeking over ads
    • Included contrib-ads-shim for parity with other Brightcove ad plugins

    17 Jan 2019


    • Bug fix: When discontinuities are enabled, include the rule=discos-enabled parameter in the VMAP request

    24 Oct 2018


    • Bug fix: Do not fire playing event before a preroll

    15 Oct 2018


    • Bug fix: Selectively enable multiperiod for non-MS browsers
    • Bug fix: Video corruption in IE/Edge

    9 Oct 2018


    • Added option to request content with discontinuities

    19 Sep 2018


    • Updated videojs-contrib-ads to 6.6.1

    12 Sep 2018


    • Updated the plugin to use videojs-contrib-ads 6 and validate contrib-ads version on initialization

    12 Sep 2018


    • New feature: Display skip ad countdown overlay for skippable ads
    • Bug fix: Ad countdown stops when it reaches first quartile
    • Bug fix: Limit buffering UI to the current play window
    • Bug fix: Remove the postinstall script to prevent install issues
    • Updated using plugin generator v7.2.1

    30 Jul 2018


    • Fix: Handle ended as a special timeline case
    • Added an NVMRC

    5 July 2018


    • Bug fix: Ignore captions provided by VMAP
    • Test: Use vhs instead of videojs-contrib-hls

    23 Mar 2018


    • Send the BCOV-Once-Accept header for sources that come from

    31 Jan 2018


    • Make sure we tell contrib-ads we are using stitched ads correctly

    18 Jan 2018


    • Added support for WrapperChain creative extension in VAST documents
    • Fix sending impression, start, quartile, and complete beacons and player events

    18 Dec 2017


    • Ensure that we coerce legacy Once VMAP Content-Type correctly
    • Fixed an issue where the player could be stuck in a state of waiting for a preroll when there was no preroll

    15 Dec 2017


    • Added an option to not put the player in a fake ended state
    • Bug fixes
      • Allow fakeEnded setter to accept false
      • Always report nopreroll and nopostroll events to contrib-ads to prevent strange edge-case issues with states that are not relevant to the SSAI use-case
      • Do a better job of cleaning up overlays between sources and on error events
      • false rather than true should short-circuit fakeEnded logic
      • Remove overlays from player before dispose

    16 Nov 2017


    • Fixed an issue where synchronously setting an SSAI source after initializing the plugin would put the player in a bad state
    • Improved prevention of scrubbing and seeking during ads to prevent stuttering

    30 Oct 2017


    • Ensure that is available when ads-ad-started is triggered

    25 Oct 2017


    • 1 minute should show as 1:00 not <1:00
    • Adjust timing logic when moving out of ads to avoid flashes of content
    • Skip ad button should only skip one linear ad

    12 Oct 2017


    • Initial release. Support playback of SSAI streams via Brightcove Dynamic Delivery.

    Page last updated on 28 Sep 2020