Viewing the Player Configuration

In this topic, you will learn how to view the configuration of a Brightcove Player via altering a URL.

Viewing the configuration

Follow these steps to view a player's configuration:

  1. In Studio, go the PLAYERS module.
  2. Click on the player whose configuration you wish to view.
  3. Click the Publish & Embed button.
  4. Be sure all changes are published.
  5. Click on the Player URL (as shown below). This will automatically copy the URL to the clipboard.
    Player URL link
  6. Paste the URL in a new browser/browser tab.
  7. Check the URL in the browser, it will appear something like this:
  8. Change the index.html in the URL to config.json.
  9. The altered URL will display the player's configuration:
    Player configuration

Changing the configuration

Although changing the configuration is beyond the scope of this document, a couple comments on that subject are appropriate.

  • Studio provides a UI to alter many aspects of the configuration of the player in the PLAYERS module.
  • For complete control of the player's configuration the Player Management API can be used. Be aware, this is for the developer oriented and uses curl statements extensively. The Step-by-Step: Player Management document provides an introduction to the process.