Check out the extensive list of code samples for player customization possibilities.

Brightcove Player current version:

For release 6.x: v6.66.8


For release 6.x: v6.67.4

Player 7 is ready for production environments and the latest version available for testing and use is v7.6.0.

Getting Started
This page describes the key concepts to help you understand and be successful developing with Brightcove Player.
Learn the Basics
Guides to help you get started.
Reference docs for the Brightcove Player.
Documentation of official Brightcove Player plugins.
Guides to help you with video advertising.
Publishing Videos & Players
Documentation on publishing Brightcove Players.
Information on troubleshooting problems with the Brightcove Player.
Styling & Appearance
Topics on styling and customizing the appearance of the Brightcove Player.
Topics on playback in the Brightcove Player.
DRM & Content Protection
Topics on DRM and other ways of protecting content.
Coding Topics
Various topics for coding around the Brightcove Player.
General Information
General information for working with the Brightcove Player.
Code Samples
The code samples demonstrate customizations and enhancements to Brightcove Player.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be used with Brightcove Player. This page links to the two possibilities of using Brightcove Player, with a Video Cloud video or an external video.
On-demand training courses and videos.
Release Notes
Release notes for the Brightcove Player.
How to access Brightcove Support.