Ad Events and Ad Objects

This document explains and demonstrates the use of a common set of ad events and ad objects implemented in the videojs-contrib-ads plugin.


The videojs-contrib-ads, located in the videojs/videojs-contrib-ads GitHub repository, provides common functionality needed by video advertisement libraries and video ad integrations, reducing the code you have to write for your specific ad integration.

These events and objects are implemented in the Brightcove supplied FreeWheel and IMA3 plugins. These same events and objects are implemented in the SSAI plugins, except for the following:

  • interface
  • object

Ad events

Each ad provider can emit a unique set of events. Typically, these events are used to track the state of ad playback for metrics purposes and to create custom UI's. It is suggested to implement the following events to encourage uniformity, and allow custom UIs and analytics providers to remain ad provider agnostic.

Event Dispatched when:
ads-request Ad data is requested
ads-load Ad data is available following an ad request
ads-pod-started A linear ad pod has started
ads-pod-ended A linear ad pod has completed
ads-allpods-completed All linear ads are completed
ads-ad-started Ad starts playing
ads-ad-ended Ad completes playing
ads-first-quartile Ad playhead crosses the first quartile
ads-midpoint Ad playhead crosses the midpoint
ads-third-quartile Ad playhead crosses the third quartile
ads-pause Ad is paused
ads-play Ad is resumed
ads-volumechange Ad volume has been changed
ads-click Ad is clicked

These events can be listened for from the player object. Below is the code to listen for the ads-ad-started object, as well as a screenshot of what the object passed to the event handler looks like.

  var myPlayer = this;
  myPlayer.on('ads-ad-started',function( evt ){
    console.log('ads-ad-started event passed to event handler', evt);
ad event object

Ad objects

As you see, the event object passed to the event handler is not terribly informative. For this reason, there are two objects you can leverage from which you can gather more ad information, they are and

From the screenshot below, you see the object contains information on the ad type and duration of ad, among other details.

player ads

The object contains similar information to, with the addition of the number of ads in the pod. The first screenshot below shows an ad pod with a single ad, whereas the second shows a pod with three ads.

ads pod object
multiple ads pod

Google's AdsManager

There are methods and properties available from Google's google.ima.AdsManager Interface. You can use the interface's properties/methods that retrieve information. It is not advised to use the methods that perform actions, like destroy , setAutoPlayAdBreaks and stop . For example, one method you can use is shown here:


Type: google.ima.AdsManager.getRemainingTime

Usage: myPlayer.ima3.adsManager.getRemainingTime()

Calling this method returns the amount of time remaining for the current ad. If an ad isn't available or has finished playing, it returns -1. For more information see Google's document on the method.