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    Advertising with the FreeWheel Plugin Changelog

    The following tracks changes to the plugin:


    30 Mar 2020


    • Bug fix: Allow play_request before adstart

    18 Mar 2020


    • Added support for minDuration and maxDuration to temporalSlots
    • Fixed compatibility with Video.js 7.7.x

    3 Dec 2019


    • Added support for minDuration and maxDuration to temporalSlots

    4 Sep 2019


    • Resized the ad container when the playerresize event occurs
    • Update the FW SDK URL
    • Fixed a sizing issue with VPAID ads

    20 Mar 2019


    • Bug fix: Ensure duration is a float when sending to FreeWheel SDK to properly set vdur param in URL
    • Support newer coding standards (vjsstandard 8)

    2 Jan 2019


    • Added autoplay handling

    13 Aug 2018


    • Fix link to Live Player documentation PDF
    • Add isVpaid convenience method to FreeWheel plugin

    13 Jun 2018


    • Added behavior to hide player overlays during ad playback
    • Fixed bug where an empty VAST response would prevent content playback on Android
    • Fixed bug where content couldn't be resumed following a VPAID ad clickthrough
    • Added ability to set Freewheel SDK parameters via plugin options
    • Added ability to set the Freewheel SDK log level via plugin options

    7 Mar 2018


    • Changed default tech order to be HTML5-only
    • Default value for pauseOnAdClickthrough has been changed from false to true
    • VPAID clickthrough area now resizes with player
    • Added loadWithCookie option
    • Removed defunct nativeHlsForceHtml option
    • Plugin now respects relative URLs in configuration
    • Updated videojs-contrib-ads from 4.2.7 to 5.1.6
      • Clear timeouts when player is disposed
      • More reliable media events, including loadeddata and loadedmetadata
      • Emit an error if plugin is initialized too late
      • Fixed a bug where certain ad errors would not end ad mode
      • Improved compatibility with Video.js 6
      • Fix issue where captions could show during ads on iOS
      • Fix snapshot.trackChangeHandler bug
      • Fix bug with play state after source changes
      • Fix issue where content would restart after iOS midroll
      • Fix issue where loading spinner would not animate before ads
      • Fix issue with caption state persistence
      • Other reliability improvements

    19 Jan 2018


    • Added pauseOnAdClickthrough option
      • If set to true, linear ads will pause when clicked
      • Default is true
    • Freewheel AdManager loading is now subject to the plugin's timeout setting; This prevents content flash that could result from the FreeWheel AdManager taking a long time to load
    • Fixed a content flash case with prerolls and autoplay
    • Fixed an issue with playlists where improper source cleanup caused issues when there was no preroll
    • Fixed an issue where ad progress was not updated when there were multiple instances of the player

    4 Jan 2018


    • Use separate ad container for Safari 11 desktop again
    • Fixed a bug where the content plays behind an ad when in a separate ad container

    13 Nov 2017


    • Fixed an issue with play button when autoplay is blocked due to not meeting autoplay requirements

    12 Oct 2017


    • Fixed a bug addressing Safari 11 Desktop's new autoplay behavior preventing autoplay and click-to-play ads from playing
    • Added handling for a new Freewheel SDK event, EVENT_AD_AUTO_PLAY_BLOCKED, to display a play button when Safari 11 prevents autoplay ads
    • Fixed a bug where video did not pause when user clicked through on pre, mid or post-rolls (pause on companion clickthrough not supported)
    • Fixed a bug where VPAID ads did not start playing in the correct size
    • Fixed a bug where VPAID ads did not resize after calling player.dimensions() to resize the player
    • Fixed a bug so we do not call slot.stop() on ad error (Flash)
    • Fixed a bug causing an incompatibility with Brightcove Video Player versions 6.3 and up

    5 Sep 2017


    • Fixed a bug so slot.stop() not called on ad error
    • Fixed a bug where the big-play-button and poster displayed during prerolls

    17 Aug 2017


    • Added ability to use subsessionToken in options
    • Fixed a bug where slot impression would not fire on empty preroll
    • Bug fixes for oncue mode

    21 Jul 2017


    • Implements a dedicated ad container for desktop browsers. FreeWheel Html5 ads will no longer reuse the player's video element on desktop.

    17 May 2017


    • Video.js 6 support
    • Exposed FreeWheel parameters
    • Fixed bug where you cannot un-mute the player once you mute it on Safari
    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.2.7
      • Placeholder div's CSS position and top values now match the player's
      • Cross-compatibility between Video.js 5 and 6
      • Added a way to estimate adType
      • Added back support for ES3

    27 Mar 2017


    • Enabling support for ES3

    16 Feb 2017


    • Plugin now chooses an adTech after a content source is set; this allows playlists with mixed content types to be used with the plugin

    2 Feb 2017


    • Fixed a bug with progress bar during Flash VPAID ads playback
    • Fixed a bug where user chooses to manually enable the Flash Player in Chrome Browser
    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.2.2
      • Re-fix iOS content flash
      • Added cuepoints example
      • Documented contentresumed event

    4 Jan 2017


    • Added support for cueTextTracks feature in videojs-contrib-ads so cue points can be used to trigger ads
    • Fixed control bar in Flash to use localized text
    • Added ability to pass a custom visitor ID to FreeWheel
    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.2.0
      • Added a new module to process metadata tracks for ad cue point manipulation
      • Updated videojs-standard dependency

    20 Dec 2016


    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.1.6
      • Fixed placeholder div on iOS 10 playsinline
      • No longer sends an undocumented adcontentplaying event, which was only sent to cancel an extra adplaying event; code has been refactored to not need this extra event

    9 Dec 2016


    • Bug Fixes
      • Plugin now prevents ad clickthrough when clicking progress bar during ad
      • Ended event now triggers correctly after the content ends additional times, having ended once already
      • Fixed some scenarios in which ad requests were made twice
      • Plugin now correctly handles empty ad creative and plays content without ads when no ads present
      • Captions and audio track buttons are now hidden during ads
    • Feature Update
      • Plugin now passes autoPlayType in Flash

    21 Nov 2016


    • Added dev dep on videojs-standard
    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.1.4
      • Fixed issue where blank div to prevent content flash covers ad on iPad
      • Fixed to snapshot test to avoid relying on track src

    2 Nov 2016


    • Enabled volume persistence across ad breaks
    • Added support for page variable ad macros
    • Added support for mediainfo custom field ad macros
    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.1.1
      • Temporarily re-added contentplayback as a transitionary step; do not use this event, use playing instead
      • Added macro support in contrib-ads

    24 Oct 2016


    • Updated to use videojs-contrib-ads 4.0.0
      • playing event no longer sent before preroll
      • contentplayback event removed
      • Fixed a flash of content introduced in Chrome 53 where ads-loading class was being removed too soon
      • Added
      • Updated to use conventions put forward by generator-videojs-plugin
      • Created separate files for feature modules

    22 Sep 2016


    • Flash uses real timing info for progress bar
    • Smooth progress bar
    • Send nopostroll and nopreroll events when economics is free
    • Update to videojs.contrib-ads 3.3.13
      • Fix check to reset snapshot on contentupdate

    19 Aug 2016


    • Update to videojs-contrib-ads v3.3.12 to include fixes for metrics on empty ad

    27 Jul 2016


    • Update to videojs-contrib-ads v3.3.10

    13 Jun 2016


    • Update to videojs-contrib-ads v3.3.7 to include fixes for
      • Bug where content would replay after a postroll completed
      • Bug where two ad-end events would fire

    9 May 2016


    • Added Macros support
    • Added player.mediainfo.economics support

    20 Apr 2016


    • Updates for compatibility with Brightcove Playlists
    • Introduces new event for updating FreeWheel Configuration object: fw-before-ad-request

    31 Mar 2016


    • Updates for compatibility with Brightcove Players v5.*

    1 Mar 2016


    • Updates to the latest FreeWheel HTML5 and Flash SDK
    • Fixes issues related to FreeWheel's video view beacons

    15 Sep 2015


    • Exposes FW events

    15 Sep 2015


    • Fixes midroll skipping for both adtechs

    15 Sep 2015


    • Fixes bug with "keyValues"

    15 Sep 2015


    • Ads "keyValues" support for Flash ad Tech

    7 May 2015


    • Fixes video replay after postrolls in HTML bug

    17 Apr 2015


    • Generates id's for FW Config temporalSlots.
    • Note: is optional for Clients, but code wise required when adding a temporal slot

    17 Apr 2015


    • Removes partial support of FW Video NonTemporal Slots

    17 Mar 2015


    • Add html5 midroll support.

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