Chromecast Plugin Changelog

The following tracks changes to the plugin:


8 Sep 2020


  • Re-implemented Chromecast receiver using CAF API

21 May 2020


  • SSAI and catalog integration for default player

7 May 2020


  • Retry player init on error and lock default player version

21 Apr 2020


  • Added shadow to Casting overlay text, increasing visibility on white background
  • Bug fix: Button not visible if FreeWheel ad fails to play
  • Fixed an occasional persistent loading state
  • Added receiver catalog test

5 Mar 2020


  • Fixed incompatibilities between Chromecast receiver and Player v6.39+

14 Feb 2020


  • Added Arabic translations
  • Bug Fix: Prevent append buffer errors by setting max goal buffer length to 30
  • Show the whole device name rather than the first letter
  • Updated README with new testing procedures
  • Updated the README with steps for insecure content testing

27 Aug 2019


  • Added translations for Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean

22 Jul 2019


  • Fixed an error that could be thrown when disposing a player using the Chromecast receiver

19 Apr 2019


  • Do not attempt to run in non-secure contexts, log a warning when the plugin fails to initialize

20 Feb 2019


  • Fixed an issue where DRM content would not resume after a session was disconnected
  • Updated the API docs

31 Oct 2018


  • Fixed a syntax error on the receiver, causing it to fail to load

12 Oct 2018


  • Features
    • Add a splashScreen to show an image when a player is not loaded
    • UI improvements
    • Use a default player if one is not given
  • Bug Fixes
    • accountId not being passed correctly to receiver
    • Pass withCredentials into player.src on the receiver
    • Prevent registering receiver player twice, on new videos
    • Report sender data for analytics
    • Seeking issues caused by errors being thrown
    • Switching to another catalog video
  • Chores
    • Update using plugin generator v7.2.4

26 Jun 2018


  • Bug fix: Pass withCredentials during load and source change and use it on the receiver

27 Feb 2018


  • HTML special characters in Chromecast name
  • Re-request catalog data so DRM can work

23 Feb 2018


  • Use JavaScript and CSS plugin options

22 Dec 2017


  • Initial release