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    What is the Brightcove Player?

    The Brightcove Player is a high-performance, cross-platform HTML5-first video player that loads quickly, delivers high-quality adaptive bitrate HLS video across desktop and mobile platforms, and integrates with your favorite advertising and analytics systems.

    Key features

    • HTML5 First - The UI of the new Brightcove Player is written entirely in HTML5, and relies on Flash only on older browsers, enabling a consistent look and behavior across mobile and desktop devices.
    • Responsive - The default player skin is responsive by default and will automatically resize to fit changing web layouts, while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video.
    • Fast Load - With instant load and extremely fast time to first frame, viewers are immediately engaged with your content.
    • Easy customization using standard web technologies (CSS and JavaScript)
    • Cross-platform HLS - High-quality, adaptive bitrate video even on platforms that do not have native HLS capability - delivers the best quality with the least download.
    • Player Management - Easily keep track of player configuration and make changes to styles and plugins either through Video Cloud or the new Player Management API. Easily update players across your site without changing the code for each page.
    • Ad and Analytics Integration - Many plugins are available for the Brightcove Player to integrate with popular advertising and analytics systems including Google Doubleclick, Freewheel and others.

    Page last updated on 14 Jun 2021