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    Picture-in-Picture Plugin Changelog

    The following tracks changes to the plugin:


    21 Apr 2020


    • Addressed an issue where the PiP overlay would not work after coming out of fullscreen mode

    29 Jan 2020


    • Fixed an issue where the in-page PiP could get stuck in a loop causing the player to flicker

    3 Dec 2019


    • Fixed an issue where the in-page picture-in-picture could get stuck in a loop causing the player to flicker

    20 Feb 2019


    • Add support for future Studio-based responsive embed code. There are upcoming improvements to the responsive embed codes provided by Studio. These changes will ensure that the PIP plugin supports theses embed codes properly when those changes go out.

    4 Dec 2018


    • Bug fix: Do not include loscore in the bundles
    • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where allowOnMobile was not respected
    • Bug fix: Remove the postinstall script to prevent install issues
    • Update using plugin generator v7.2.0

    3 Aug 2018


    • Bug Fix: Set viewable option when instantiating plugin

    11 Jun 2018


    • Fix a rare race condition where a PIP player that was initialized late could trigger the PIP behavior upon initialization; now, it will wait for user activity before allowing PIP mode to activate

    25 May 2018


    • Fixed Picture-in-Picture mode for responsive players

    26 Mar 2018


    • Allow the player to switch into picture-in-picture mode where it is detached from the page and fixed to the viewport.

    Page last updated on 06 May 2020