Brightcove Player System Requirements

This topic provides information on what platforms and browsers are supported for the Brightcove Player.
Browser Versions Notes
Microsoft Edge (Win & Mac) Current and two previous major versions  
Chrome Desktop (Win, Mac) Current and two previous major versions  
Chrome Mobile (Android) Current and two previous major versions Google no longer supports Android 4.x and older with the Chrome browser.
Safari Desktop (Mac) Current and two previous major versions  
Safari Mobile (iOS) Current and two previous major versions  
Firefox Desktop (Win, Mac) Current and two previous major versions  
Firefox ESR Current  
1 DRM playback using Chrome Mobile on iOS is not supported.



  • HEVC (H.265) video cannot be played on Windows 10 unless the viewer buys and installs this extension. For compatibility with Windows, AVC (H.264) renditions are recommended. See HEVC Video for more information on supported clients for HEVC video.
  • The Windows 10N/10KN editions come without Windows Media Player and related technologies pre-installed. To play video, you can install Microsoft's Media feature pack.
  • Chrome mobile for IOS is not officially a supported browser.
  • Only real machines are supported. While we expect that the player will generally work on virtual machines and Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD), we do not test on these and do not support them.
  • The “Stock” browser found on earlier versions of Android (often with an icon named “Internet”) has a number of unworkable issues with video playback and is not recommended.
  • Brightcove Player is known to fail when Prototype.js v1.6 is present and may work where v1.7 is present. Brightcove Player does not support any usage in a shared environment with any version of Prototype.js.
  • As of June 15th, 2021, Brightcove will no longer actively support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on any version of Windows. Related bug reports and enhancement requests will not be accepted after this date. While we will not intentionally remove IE11 support in any version of Brightcove Player 6.x, we will not be actively testing against it either. Customers requiring support for IE11 may wish to lock their player to the last version released before June 15th to ensure continued functionality. That version is 6.56.0. Note that locked players no longer receive new enhancements or bug fixes. Edge is the recommended Microsoft browser and is fully supported by the Brightcove team.
  • Smart TVs: While Brightcove Player works on many recent Smart TVs, their browser capabilities vary widely between manufacturers, model ranges, and model years, using older custom versions of Chromium (or other web engines like WebKit) with limited functionality. Because of this, we do not provide support for these browsers.

    If TV support is needed, Brightcove recommends leveraging Chromecast and Airplay or developing native applications for tvOS or Android TV.