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    Getting Started

    This page describes the key concepts to help you understand and be successful developing with Brightcove Player. For more information, see the following concepts.
    Concept Description
    Getting Started


    The Step-by-Step and Overview documents offer the best way to begin your understanding of Brightcove Player.


    Alter the default look and feel of the player.


    Use playlists to display a collection of videos that are grouped together.


    Display advertisements in the Brightcove Player.


    References to use when coding against Brightcove Player.


    Use and develop player plugins which enhance default player behavior.

    Code Samples

    Check samples that add to and enhance player behavior.

    Popular Features

    Learn to use some popular player features.


    Tips on correcting player issues.


    Training is also available to help you get started.

    Page last updated on 14 Jun 2021