Playing Live Streams

In this topic, you will learn about the functionality used by Brightcove Player to play live streams.


Brightcove Player provides functionality to play live streams out of the box. No configuration changes need to be made.

In Brightcove Player versions previous to 6.33.0 the Live DVRUX plugin was required. The Live DVRUX plugin is now deprecated and  should no longer be used.

What you see in the Live UI

If you are playing a live stream, the player automatically senses this and provides a user interface (UI) tailored to the stream. When the video is playing the live feed real time, you see Live indicator will have a red circle next to it, as shown here:

liveui ui

If the stream allows, and you use the DVR functionality and the scrubber to click back in the feed, you see the Live indicator has a gray circle beside it, and the scrubber indicates where you are in the stream, as shown in the following screenshot (this backward scrubbing is dependent on the particular live stream and the number of past video segments that it makes available):

liveui ui not live

If you are using DVR functionality and want to return to real time live feed, you can click the Live indicator, as shown here:

liveui ui click to go live again

Supporting information

For information on using live streams, see the following documents:

The live stream playback functionality is implemented in Video.js, the open source player on which Brightcove Player is built. For an in depth, technical look about playing live stream in Video.js see the The live user interface and API in Video.js document.