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Pre-release Player

In this topic, you will learn how to create a player that is always on the latest pre-release version.

Why a pre-release player?

You may wish to frequently test against the latest version of Brightcove Player, including the pre-releases. This document shows you how to configure a player that will be updated every time a new pre-release is available. By setting the "version_alias": "prerelease" configuration option you can be sure this player will always have the latest prerelease version.

In the Studio's PLAYERS module you can set a player to use always be on the latest pre-release:

Set version alias in Studio

Studio will show if a player has been configured as a pre-release player:

See version alias in Studio

How it works

Whenever a new prerelease version is released for the current major version, the Player Management API republishes all players that have the prerelease version alias on their master branch.

Creating a pre-release player with an API

The following curl statement creates a player using the Player Management API to always use the latest pre-release :

  curl \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --user $EMAIL \
    --request POST \
    --data '{
        "name": "Player",
        "configuration": {
          "player": {
            "template": {
              "name": "single-video-template",
              "version_alias": "prerelease"
      }' \$ACCOUNT_ID/players

Example configuration

Following is a player that has been configured to use "version_alias": "prerelease". In this case, the latest pre-release was version 6.23.0.

    "account_id": "1507807800001",
    "compatibility": true,
    "embed_id": "default",
    "player": {
      "template": {
        "name": "single-video-template",
        "version": "6.23.0",
        "version_alias": "prerelease"
    "player_id": "ipKAiobF4S",
    "player_name": "test for \"version_alias\": \"prerelease\"",
    "updated_at": "2018-08-30T19:51:41.813Z",
    "video_cloud": {
      "policy_key": "BCpkADaw...lB71l9h"

Page last updated on 05 May 2020