Manually Setting the Player Version

In this topic, you will learn how to manually set the player version.

Why manually change the version

You may have to rollback to a previous player version as you find a player upgrade is causing an issue. You can rollback to a previous version until testing is completed to find the reason for the issue and it is resolved.


These steps allow you to manually set a player version.

  1. First, you will want to set the player to manually update. This will prevent a player version change to be overridden by a player update. To do this, go to Studio, PLAYERS module and in the Player Information section set the Update Mode to Manual.
    studio ui set manual
    Of course, save your changes.
  2. Now you will manually set the player version using the JSON Editor in the PLAYERS module. This is an example of a player configuration looks before any version change is made:
    player configuration before change
    In the JSON Editor, alter the version attribute to your desired version.
    player configuration after change
    Be sure to save your changes then publish your player.

Don't forget once the issue is corrected to change your player back to be automatically updated.