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    Versions of the Brightcove Player Documentation

    The Brightcove Player documentation contains two versions of information:

    • Using the Brightcove Player with a Video Cloud account
    • Using the Brightcove Player in standalone (Perform) mode (with content from some other source)

    It is the same player in either case, but if you have a Video Cloud account, the player is able to pull the locations of videos and assets directly from Video Cloud, so that you don't have to provide that information manually.

    Where this makes a difference, we have created alternate versions of the content for each scenario, and you should choose the version according to which scenario fits your situation.

    Video Cloud version

    You can switch back and forth between the Video Cloud and standalone Player versions of the document using the buttons that appear at the top of the in-page navigation menu on the left.

    Here, the Video Cloud version of the content is selected:

    Version Toggle
    Showing Video Cloud Version

    Brightcove Player version

    Here, the stand-alone Brightcove Player version of the content is selected:

    Version Toggle
    Showing Stand-alone Player Version

    The button with the dark orange or blue background represents the version that is currently selected.

    Page last updated on 26 Feb 2020