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    Brightcove Player Pre-Release Notes

    This document describes the features of the latest pre-release of Brightcove player, as well as how you can try it.

    VERSION 6 - v6.45.0

    5 Aug 2020

    • Updated to VHS 2.1.0
    • Updated to Video.js 7.9.2
    • Fixed a regression in support for the language attribute on the video embed. This use-case is deprecated; language is not a valid attribute for the <video> or <video-js> element!

    Notes on VHS 2

    The inclusion of VHS 2.1.0 in the Brightcove Player is a huge milestone for Brightcove. This major update to our playback engine sets us up for many future enhancements. It represents the culmination of many months of behind the scenes effort, testing, and refinement. If we did our jobs right, you - our customers - won't even notice!


    VERSION 6 - v6.44.2

    16 Jun 2020


    • Add support for SSAI with IMA preroll (documentation coming soon)

    Bug fixes

    • Update to Video.js 7.9.1
    • Fix intermittent initialization failures on Chromecast devices
    • Do not break when "hls": true is in the player config. This configuration is not needed or used in any way, but some older players had it.
    • Fix player controls being unresponsive on iPhones when leaving fullscreen
    • Regression in support for the application ID

    Try new version

    If a pre-release version is available, the easiest way to try out a pre-release version is to go to Studio's PLAYERS module, click on the player you wish to change, and then edit the Player Information . Use the version selector to choose the latest pre-release:

    select player version

    You can update a player to the pre-release version by using a curl statement. A quick overview of curl can be found at the top of the Step-by-Step: Player Management (external site). In the document there is a specific section on how to update your player.

    Here is the curl command to update your player, where you substitute appropriate values for YOUR_EMAIL , YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID and YOUR_PLAYER_ID .


    curl \
      --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
      --user YOUR_EMAIL \
      --request PATCH \
      --data '{
        "player": {
        "template": {
          "version": "6.44.2"
      }' \

    In most cases you will want to publish the player, which can be done with the following curl statement. Again, you will need to substitute correct values where indicated.

    curl \
      --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
      --user YOUR_EMAIL  \
      --request POST \

    Page last updated on 05 Aug 2020