static createTimeRanges(start, end) → {module:time~TimeRange}

Create a TimeRange object which mimics an HTML5 TimeRanges instance.

Name Type Description
start number | Array.<Array>

The start of a single range (a number) or an array of ranges (an array of arrays of two numbers each).

end number

The end of a single range. Cannot be used with the array form of the start argument.

static formatTime(seconds, guide) → {string}

Delegates to either the default time formatting function or a custom function supplied via setFormatTime.

Formats seconds as a time string (H:MM:SS or M:SS). Supplying a guide (in seconds) will force a number of leading zeros to cover the length of the guide.

Name Type Description
seconds number

Number of seconds to be turned into a string

guide number

Number (in seconds) to model the string after

string -

Time formatted as H:MM:SS or M:SS

formatTime(125, 600) === "02:05"

static resetFormatTime()

Resets formatTime to the default implementation.

static setFormatTime(customImplementation)

Replaces the default formatTime implementation with a custom implementation.

Name Type Description
customImplementation function

A function which will be used in place of the default formatTime implementation. Will receive the current time in seconds and the guide (in seconds) as arguments.

Type Definitions


An object that contains ranges of time, which mimics TimeRanges.

Name Type Description
length number

The number of time ranges represented by this object.

start module:time~module:time~TimeRangeIndex

Returns the time offset at which a specified time range begins.

end module:time~module:time~TimeRangeIndex

Returns the time offset at which a specified time range ends.


TimeRangeIndex(indexopt) → {number}

Returns the time for the specified index at the start or end of a TimeRange object.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
index number <optional>

The range number to return the time for.

number -

The time offset at the specified index.

  • The index argument must be provided. In the future, leaving it out will throw an error.