Class: videojs.TextTrack

videojs~videojs.TextTrack. videojs.TextTrack

A representation of a single TextTrack.

new videojs.TextTrack(options)

Create an instance of this class.

Name Type Default Description
options Object {}

Object of option names and values

Name Type Argument Default Description
tech Tech

A reference to the tech that owns this TextTrack.

kind TextTrack~Kind <optional>

A valid text track kind.

mode TextTrack~Mode <optional>

A valid text track mode.

id string <optional>
'vjs_track_' + Guid.newGUID()

A unique id for this TextTrack.

label string <optional>

The menu label for this track.

language string <optional>

A valid two character language code.

srclang string <optional>

A valid two character language code. An alternative, but deprioritized vesion of options.language

src string <optional>

A url to TextTrack cues.

default boolean <optional>

If this track should default to on or off.